I Will Get Muddy

Have you ever wondered..

What does Ian look like when covered with the mud from your gutters? Look no further, well, look at the image above, that is an approximation, imagine that takes place on a ladder or something. As the song goes, it's a dirty job but somebodies gotta do it, and that somebody is your #1 guy.

Look at all of that mess!

As requested; your gutters will be de-leafified by a top class gutter cleaner. (Only top of the class due to having the tallest ladder in class). What will that entail? Most likely some gloves, a ladder, a bucket, and a bunch of stuff that likely didn't belong in the gutters is my guess. Maybe I'll find some treasure, or the body of Jimmy Hoffa, it could happen!

How clean is it though?

Your gutter cleaning comes with our complementary power washing service. Those gutters will be so clean you can eat off of them, not that gutters make a good plate or table for that matter. Who wants to eat while needing to stand on a ladder anyways, that is pretty weird. Regardless, your gutters will be left sparkly clean and ready for another year of rain (well, like 2 months of rain and 10 months of HOT).

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Aunt Carol!

I am aware that the gift shown does not match the gift that is myself cleaning your gutters, but it is the one that was a free stock photo that I could post on this site. Anywho, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! 


You'll also receive a new photo after I get everything setup with the new telescope. I have some things to do to get it ready for astrophotography, but you'll get the 'first light' images sometime in the next few months. Thank you again!